The 11 Best Things to Do Around Vic Falls

The Natural Wonder of the Victoria Falls, also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya (literally translated to ‘the smoke that thunders’) has long turned into one of Africa’s major tourism hubs. Accessible from either Zambia or Zimbabwe Victoria Falls caters to all travellers form discerning holidaymakers to adrenaline junkies and backpackers.

While the Zimbabwean town of Victoria Falls will offer you better views of the waterfall, the tourism industry has shifted to Zambia in recent years. Livingstone in Zambia benefits from the political situation across the border and a host of tour operators and hotels have turned this little town into a major tourism hub.
Victoria Falls Town and Livingstone are both great places to stay and one thing is for sure: a visit to Africa’s largest waterfall is always a worthwhile experience. The range of activities has you spoilt for choice. Here are some of thrills you should not miss!

Victoria Falls

1) Feel the Spray

Despite all the other attractions around the Victoria Falls, there is nothing to beat the fascination of the falls. Choose one of the many viewpoints
and brave the spray of the world’s largest sheet of falling water.

2) Bungee Jumping

The Victoria Falls Bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe is undoubtedly one of the best things to throw yourself off. The 111m fall towards the Zambezi guarantees a solid adrenaline rush.

3) White Water Rafting

The white water rafting at the Victoria Falls is among the best in the world. Rapids like The Terminator, Devil’s Toilet Bowl or Stairway to Heaven will give you an experience to remember for the rest of your life. The Zambezi’s water levels fluctuate with the rainfalls and you will get the best rafting experience in low water from August to January.

4) Sunset Cruises

African sunsets are famous. Take a late afternoon boat cruise towards the Victoria Falls. Watch elephants, hippos and crocs as you float down the mighty Zambezi River. Drinks and snacks are served as the African sky bursts into colour – a blissful experience!

5) Flight of Angels

“Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight” was David Livingstone’s description after discovering the mighty Victoria Falls. Enjoy the heavenly views of this helicopter flight and don’t forget your camera.

6) Elephant Back Safaris

Sitting on an elephant you will feel like the king of the jungle! View wildlife from an elevated perspective and get in touch with one of the planet’s most fascinating mammals. The elephant back safari will take along the Zambezi with hippo and crocodile en route.

7) Walk With Lions

These majestic felines have an undeniable fascination. Walk and interact with young lions to experience the grace and strength of the King of the Jungle.

8) Devil’s Pool

Go for a swim on the very edge of the mighty Vic Falls. Devil’s Pool is a naturally formed swimming pool close to Livingstone Island that provides safe swimming only centimetres from a sheer 90m drop.

9) Lunar Rainbow

We all love rainbows, but the lunar rainbow over The Smoke that Thunders is something else. When the spray of the Victoria Falls shoots towards the full moon, a rainbow bridges the gorge. It’s so pretty, it hurts!

10) Livingstone Museum

Zambia’s biggest and oldest museum dates back to the 1930s and covers cultural development in Zambia, natural history and a large collection of artefacts donated by the Livingstone family.

11) The Livingstone Arts Café

People just pop in for a cup of coffee and end up staying for hours. The food, the friendly people and craft workshops offer entertainment for days. If you have limited time, make sure you see the Dancing Around Zambia show.

Facts About the Falls:

  • The Victoria Falls are one of the Seven Natural Wonders and a World Heritage Site.
  • A width of 1 708 meters and a height of 108 metres make Mosi-oa-Tunya the world’s largest sheet of falling water.
  • David Livingstone was the first European to set eyes on the falls in 1855.
  • The name “Victoria Falls” honours Queen Victoria (1819-1901).

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