World Rhino Day 2011

22 September 2011 is the 2nd annual World Rhino Day. The tradition was originally started by the WWF in 2010 due to the rhino crises mainly caused by the myth that rhino horn contains curative properties and now has become a world wide effort where people are banning together to help save these animals from unnecessary torture, death and extinction.

Most people believe that poaching for traditional Chinese medicine is used as an aphrodisiac but it really gets ground up to be used as a cure to ailments such as headaches, fever, typhoid, vomiting, smallpox, arthritis and cancer. It has been a component for thousand of years in Asian medicine and because of this statistics in rhino horn harvesting have been kept since 1926 in East Africa. There has yet to be a study that proves rhino horn actually has any meditational value and this poaching is the main threat to the rhino’s survival.

With this crisis have sprung up amazing individuals and organizations that contribute time, money and manpower to try and end illegal poaching. Every year African field rangers risk their lives for this cause but they are coming up against more sophisticated crime syndicates each year. More than 800 rhinos have been killed in the last three years and the rise in South Africa alone has gone from an estimated number of 17, which is believed to be on the low side, to 275. Just last month poachers attacked Aquila Private Game Reserve, which is just two hours from Cape Town, and they lost two of their rhinos. For some reason we don’t expect them to hit the private game parks but anyone is a target if Rhino’s are nearby.

How can you help?

Awareness is the first step…join social media groups and spread the word. Through this hopefully you will find an organization you would like to contribute to, all of which are in desperate need for:

Equipment- such as: microchips, microchip scanners, track sticks, basic field ranger equipment, crime scene equipment, DNA collection kits, tags and data loggers, vehicles, radios, collars for WRSsatelitte, GPS’, metal detectors, cameras, night vision and thermal imagine equipment

Training- it’s not an easy job going out there and risking your life. When poaches get caught it normally leads to a combat situation. But also, to catch them these men and women need training on how to find them and how to deal with the scene

Filed Activity- such as: ear-notching, translocations, stockpile management, staff selection and use of dogs

 Research and Development- such as: transmitters, revision of legislation, DNA analysis, reward funds, and information management


More Information:

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